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Me Again....

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Wow, I cant believe my last blog was last year! What a year its been in 2020!

How are you all ? I hope you have been able to navigate these weird times well and are feeling OK as things start to return to normal.

I'll admit at the beginning of all this I really struggled. I took the boys out of school before the official lock down started as I couldn't cope with the anxiety Covid had created. However that did ease up a lot and I actually enjoyed being at home with just the boys with no pressure to have to do school runs or anything else to be honest. Some of you may know last year during the 6 weeks Summer holidays I really struggled be at home with the boys o my own for such a long period of time and just ran myself empty with trying to keep them busy just to try and make it through. This did scare me with the beginning of lock down how I was mentally and physically going cope with having the boys at home with zero help from anyone due to social distancing. However, I am very proud of myself that I have survived 5 months flying solo with the boys and although currently I am starting to feel like I am running out of fuel I have to recognise the growth and healing with myself to get me to this point.

I am very lucky that I do have a good network of friends and family who I can check in during this time to make it a bit easier and less lonely. I'm sure for a lot of people myself including this time has been very lonely and isolating. For me these have been around for years and I hope those of you have been suffering are starting to feel more connected and less isolated from your family and friends. Its been particular difficult for me to see families going off for the day or doing some diy at home which is all stuff we would have been doing with Shaun and that has difficult to watch. Although, me and the boys have done the best we can and have acquired a lot of chickens, Ha!

So what do you have coming up for the rest of the year ? For us, we have the boys going back to school in September (hopefully) something that is making me feel positive and negative at the same time ( Parents how are you guys feeling about school ?) Then its Elijah's birthday and Christmas and hopefully we can see some more family soon!

Next month (September) is Suicide Awareness Month which I am planning doing some things for and if there is anything you would me to do, discuss or anything else please let me know! Until then I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and if anyone ever needs to talk I am always here to listen.

All my Love


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